Anytime I’m asked to share work I have to start with the most challenging, but also rewarding project I’ve ever worked on, the 8-part docuseries, Unlocked: The World of Games, Revealed. For over two years, I was lead editor and camera operator on the series, and also was involved in concepting, producing, script writing, graphics and more.

I wanted to share this with you because at Defyned I would be tasked with creating the brand’s video content identity, and for this project I was involved from concept to completion. Also, everyone needs interview content, and this project was full of it!

This may seem like a random video to share with you, but hear me out.

I chose to share this because I think in scene text graphics like I created for this video could work great over fitness footage (instead of gameplay). Also, this video has a lot of excitement and over the top energy that the fitness space needs. But mostly I just wanted to share it because I think it’s fun and I’m proud of it.

I chose to share this with you partly because these guys are all athletes, but also just because I’m proud of it.

This video was shot the night before the NFL Draft with several of the top draft prospects. I then edited the video that night so it could be posted before the draft. I’m very proud of how it turned out on such a quick timeline!

This is another example of interview work, only this time with a script, and quick turnaround work, which everyone has a need for from time to time.

Every year AT&T asks us to create sizzle videos for their PGA tournaments The AT&T Pebble Beach Pro Am, and The AT&T Byron Nelson. I shot and edited this sizzle video from Pebble Beach this year.

With each of these sizzles, we’re required to include statistics and several text supers. It’s a challenge to find new ways to make each sizzle unique and exciting when we create two every year, but we’ve found ways to keep them fresh and engaging year after year.

I chose to share this because it utilizes voiceover, graphics, and music to relay all the important information and still keep it fun to watch. Also it helps that, although golf isn’t fitness, it’s still in the athletics space.

I’ve shot and edited a ton of skateboard videos for the longboard club I founded while I was at Baylor. This one is for the race I started called Gnarathon, which was the largest downhill skateboard race in Texas for several years.

Like fitness, skateboard videos require a high energy edit paired with exciting action shots to make them engaging and fun to watch.

Although this is not the flashiest video, I chose to share it with you for a couple reasons. The first is because I was producer, director, director of photography, and editor for this project. Also, as a talkshow, it’s another format of content that’s popular and I could see having use in fitness.