I’ve been a gamer for as long as I can remember. From playing Super Mario 3 on the floor of my sister’s room with our NES hooked up to her 8″ tv, to system-link Halo tournaments on the original Xbox, to still online gaming with my friends on our PS5’s and Xbox Series X’s.

I’ve also been lucky enough to bring my love of gaming and my video production profession together at several points in my career. I have had the opportunity to interview and work with many incredible game developers, and have been able to work on some of the greatest franchises.

Below is some of my work in gaming.


These are a few of the many game trailers I edited while working at MediaJuice Studios.

CAPCOM asked us to create trailers for Devil May Cry DMC Definitive Edition cut to the song Cry Little Sister from The Lost Boys. We decided to use in-scene text graphics and mostly cutscene footage to create a powerful trailer.

I captured gameplay and edited this full trailer, as well as a 1 minute and 30 second version for the game’s release.

Gearbox asked us to create a trailer for the 20th anniverasary of Duke Nukem. For this we wanted to focus on all the things that made Duke Nukem so popular in the first place, including his epic one-liners.

I helped write the script for this, pitch the idea to Gearbox, and capture the gameplay footage. I then created many of the motion graphics and edited the trailer.

CAPCOM came to us for a series of trailers for the anniversary of the Dead Rising franchise. I edited trailers for the first 3 Dead Rising Games, and one for the anniversary bundle.

On this trailer, we used a combination of in-scene graphics and fullscreen text supers. I captured gameplay, then created the motion graphics and edited this trailer.


One thing I’ve worked on even more than game trailers, is docu-style gaming content. First, I was an archival editor on the feature documentary Video Games: The Movie. We then followed that up with an 8-part docu-series called Unlocked: The World of Games, Revealed which I was lead editor and cinematographer on, and also helped produce. I’ve also worked on many behind-the-scenes developer diary videos for some of the best game developers.

This was a cool project to work on for Resident Evil Revelations 2. I edited this video about the production of the soundtrack to the game.

The most challenging, but also rewarding project I’ve ever worked on would have to be the 8-part docuseries Unlocked: The World of Games, Revealed.

For over two years, I was lead editor and camera operator on the series, and also was involved in concepting, producing, script writing, motion graphics and more.

Gearbox asked us to create several behind-the-scenes developer diaries for Homeworld Remastered. I edited multiple episodes of the series, and also did much of the game capture myself.


These videos were all shot on location at live gaming events. On each of these, we captured b-roll footage and interviews, then had quick-turn editing sessions all on-site.

In 2018 Gamestop asked us to help them build content for their new Youtube channel The Sandbox. We traveled to E3 that year and produced tons of videos on site. I shot, edited and released this video tour of the show floor on the first day of the convention.

ESL hired me to edit for the Rocket League Championship Series 2022 World Championships. I edited a “hero shot reel” for each team that requested one to be used on their social media pages, and a couple “team profile” videos which played on the broadcast before each match. All in all, I edited 21 videos on-site over the 13 days of the tournament.

Activision asked Tribe Gaming to produce their “Bobby Talks” Call of Duty Mobile show. I co-produced the season finale at the 2022 COD Mobile World Championships. We shot the tournament in Raleigh, NC over three days, then I edited the episode over the 3 days after the tournament for posting.