St Elmo


You already have a great social media presence, but I haven’t seen much video content on there. One way to engage with your followers more is to use gifs, cinemagraphs, and short video content.

Below are some short videos I’ve created for social media.

We created a series of short videos for Yellowtail Wines’ Instagram page. They were a wide range of videos including recipes, stop motion animation, cinemagraphs and more. This one is a quick stop motion animation highlighting the ingredients for their new rosé they had just announced.

These types of quick videos would work great on any of your social media pages!

This was a fun video I shot and edited on-site, same day for Gamestop at the E3 last year year of the Fortnite booth.

Quick turnaround content like this is great for social media because it’s current, short and engaging.

Here is another video we created for Yellowtail Wines’ Instagram page. This one is a recipe video utilizing jump cuts and graphics to keep it engaging and informative.

If you’d like to see more of the videos I worked on for Yellowtail just let me know!


Docu-style content lends itself well to the craft space. With so many breweries it’s important to show what makes yours so awesome!

I have years of experience shooting and editing docu-style content. Below are some of my favorites.

I created a series of docu-style videos for Balcones Distilling in 2014. We interviewed the team at the distillery about their process and products whisky, then edited the footage into several short videos for them.

I feel a similar series would be great for St Elmo!

The most challenging, but also rewarding project I’ve ever worked on would have to be 8-part docuseries Unlocked: The World of Games, Revealed. For over two years, I was lead editor and camera operator on the series, and also was involved in concepting, producing, script writing, graphics and more.

Everyone needs interview content, and this project was full of it!

Here is another video in the docu-series I created for Balcones Distilling in 2014.

My idea for this series was to focus on what makes them unique. So the three videos in the series focused on the ingredients, the process, and the products of Balcones.


Another style of video I could see you having a need for is sizzle video. These can be case studies, event recaps, or year in review videos. They often are graphic heavy, with several forms of media, and including statistics. Below are some sizzle videos I’ve created.

Every year AT&T asks us to create sizzle videos for their PGA tournaments The AT&T Pebble Beach Pro Am, and The AT&T Byron Nelson. I shot and edited this sizzle video from Pebble Beach last year.

With each of these sizzles, we’re required to include statistics and several text supers. It’s a challenge to find new ways to make each sizzle unique and exciting when we create two every year, but we’ve found ways to keep them fresh and engaging year after year.

With all the different events St Elmo puts on event recaps could help grow attendance!

State Farm asked us to create this case study sizzle showcasing all the music related marketing initiatives they’re doing this year. It also highlights some of the ways State Farm gives back with their Neighborhood of Good campaign. I edited and created motion graphics for this.

Although you may not have a need for this type of statistic-heavy video right now, there could be a need in the future as St Elmo continues to grow.

Western Union’s marketing team had us create an end of year recap video for 2017. I edited this video using mostly stock footage, and custom graphics we created.

If you ever need to relay a lot of information a video like this is a great way to keep people’s attention, while relaying all the important information. Using quick edits, clean and modern graphics, and a great track, I was able to relay all of the information while keeping the audience engaged.