Nerdvana Official Trailer by Mediajuice Studios

The Mediajuice team's latest Trailer creation is for Nerdvana Food & Spirits! Gourmet food + Gaming = Super Fun! Thanks to Randy & Kristy Pitchford, our Director Jeremy Snead & Gearbox Software Official for a fantastic shoot! Nerdvana Spirits Nerdvana Coffee #nerdvana #mediajuicestudios

Posted by Mediajuice Studios on Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Produced by Mediajuice Studios

We shot this spot for @Nerdvana Food+Spirits. I operated A Camera and the Ronin on this fun shoot in Frisco for Director Jeremy Snead. Edited by the Mediajuice Studios team

@Nerdvana is a gamer’s paradise, and as gamers, we had tons of fun on this shoot.